Kiwanis - Serving the Children of the World
Serving the Children of the World

The Kiwanis Club of Concord
annually distributes ten $500 Book Scholarships.

Scholarship applications are due each year by April 15th, and are available for download from the following link: Scholarship Application


Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Winners

Ryan Phelps Pembroke Academy

Megan Forde Pembroke Academy

Hannah OBrien  Bishop Brady High School

Celine Burrows Merrimack Valley HS

Emma Biddwell Merrimack Valley HS

Corey Ackerson Merrimack Valley HS

Alec Decato Merrimack Valley HS

Skye Reese Concord High School

Bishnu Poudyal Concord HS

Jordyn Macri Concord HS

Conratulations to our 2015 Scholarship Winners

Lyla M. Boyajian   Pembroke Academy

Brooke K. Macri    Concord High School

Aaron N. Svendsen   Bishop Brady 

Sarah E. Hubbard    Pembroke Academy

Kelly A Pedersen   Merrimack Valley High School

Sara H. Gilliland   Merrimack Valley High School

Charles D. Reagain    Clarkson University

Logan P. Kenney   Merrimack Valley High School

Amelia A. Moodie    Concord High School

Chandra K. Bastola   Concord High School

 Congratulations to our 2014 Scholarship winners

   Maggie Alosa              Bishop Brady            
      Breslin Bell                 Sant Bani School          
   Taylor Bourgeois          Pembroke Academy    
        Elizabeth Charity         Merrimack Valley            
        Leah Forrest               Bow High School            
     Taylor Hodgkins          Concord High School    
 Jonathan Lewis           Concord High School
Charles Reagan           Bow High School    
   Megan Reese              Concord High School 
  MacArthur Watrous      Concord High School

    Congratulations to our 2013 Scholarship winners

 Colby Tierney            Merrimack Valley        
       Sara Kowalski            Merrimack Valley              
  David West               Merrimack Valley         
  Kristi Perrault            Merrimack Valley         
 Hollie Breton             Bow High School        
 Elizabeth Abbott        Pembroke Academy    
     Abigal Blake              Merrimack Valley           
    Aaron Manteau           Pittsfield High School    
  Anthony Pelkey          Bishop Brady             
      Katharine Eng            Bow High School